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Supporting them in Infertility

Supporting them in Infertility “Success”…  What comes to your mind when you hear or read this word? For most of the people it is surely their achievements; their accomplishments; having reached their dream post at their respective workplaces … AAHHHHH!! You shall nowhere get to hear the words such as compassion, contentment, peace and serenity […]

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Hormone Testing in Infertility

Hormone Testing in Infertility When you try to conceive and do not succeed, the very first thing you do is start wondering and burdening yourself with all the negative thoughts. When you rush to the doctor and are advised to get a list of hormonal tests done, it makes you feel all the more anxious. […]

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Fertility Decisions – How Biological Clock Works

Fertility Decisions – How your Biological Clock Works Most of women after marriage are in a dilemma with regards to what decision must taken when. If you are searching for a Obstetrician and Gynecologist then Dr. Seema Jain: Your Trusted Fertility and Gynecology Expert in PuneWhether to accept motherhood at an early stage of your […]

Fertility Consultation

Fertility Consultation along with the Do’s and Don’ts

Fertility Consultation along with the Do’s & Don’ts After having tried for natural conception for a long time, you finally decide to see a fertility expert. It’s obvious to stay worried and having your mind cluttering with thoughts of anxiety. Not knowing how to head and what to expect might leave you troubled! Get your […]

Factors Affecting Fertility Treatment

Factors affecting Fertility Treatments

Factors affecting IVF Not being able to conceive naturally is definitely a matter of concern. Many couples opt for an IVF treatment, but, fail to understand that efforts need to be taken from both the sides. Going through IVF is an extremely sensitive matter as your emotions are deeply connected to the outcome. Know about […]

Factors Affecting IVF

Do’s and Don’ts while IVF

Do’s and Don’ts while IVF We are all complicated souls! Unlike other living beings who strive to live a straight and simple life, we are too busy seeking peace and comfort amongst other people and things. And, while we know how to achieve peace and contentment from others, we have become equally good at declaring […]

Blood pressure During Pregnancy

Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Blood Pressure During Pregnancy Blood pressure is becoming common in young women due to various reasons like diet , lifestyle etc.. Most of the women do not realise the severity of the situation until it goes beyond control. A rise in blood pressure may hamper your routine activites, leaving you feel uneasy. Especially suring pregnancy, […]

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Causes of Infertility

Causes of Infertility For a problem to be solved, a patient needs to have accurate diagnosis. When it comes to infertility, finding the reason takes you closer to your infant. As reaching the reason will drive you towards the right treatment! Dr. Seema Jain is one of the top 10 Gynecologist In Pune at CheQKmate […]

Small Bay During Pregnancy

Small Baby in Pregnancy

Small Baby During Pregnancy While you are pregnant, you are too excited to see your baby bump grow. A woman looks most beautiful during her pregnancy. Some mothers feel worried, when they have a smaller bump compared to other pregnant women. Dr. Seema Jain: Your Trusted Fertility and Gynecologist In Pune The size of the […]

Cramps During Pregnancy – Positive Convulsions

Cramps During Pregnancy – Positive Convulsions Commencement of a pregnancy surely makes a woman feel alive and content. Her baby gives her a reason to live. But as the pregnancy progresses, it brings with itself, a variety of developments those are going to happen within you. If you are looking for Affordable Gynaecologist Near me […]