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‘Seeing you for the first time is the most profound awakening of my life. This is what a mother discovers during her very first USG. For nine months, a mother only sees her baby via USG. It is one of the most crucial aspects of the efforts you and your physicians do to guarantee your baby’s health and proper growth. A woman may have numerous questions and worries about ultrasonography, such as if it is safe for her baby. Will sonography provide all of the information regarding my kid, and which sonography should I have? So, let’s talk about sonography.

What is Sonography?


Sonography (USG, ultrasound, or scan) is a fairly basic process in which a gadget is used to monitor the growth of the baby in the uterus. USG stands for ultrasonography. The average number of ultrasounds varies with each pregnancy.

I’m in the 2nd month of my pregnancy & my doctor has advised me sonography!!!


A sonogram is one of the most significant instruments in the first trimester for determining the length and location of pregnancy, as well as whether it is a single or multiple pregnancy. Between 6 and 8 weeks of pregnancy, sonography can detect the baby’s heartbeat. It may also detect fibroids, cysts, or any other abnormalities in the abdomen.

What kind of sonography will I be subject to?


A sonography is often performed with a probe across the abdomen (trans-abdominal), which requires you to have your bladder full. In some situations, you may be advised to undergo a vaginal sonography (trans-vaginal) to obtain a clearer view of your baby.

Is sonography safe for my baby?


Sonography, unlike x-ray, uses ultrasonic waves rather than radiation. Scientific data shows that there is no risk to the infant, and if necessary, repeated sonography can be performed.

What is an Anomaly Scan?


Anomaly Scan is a sonography procedure used in the second trimester (18-20 weeks) to provide a thorough look of the foetus and rule out any gross structural abnormalities.

I’m into my 38th week of my pregnancy. Do I need a Doppler ultrasound?


After 37 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta begins to mature, which may influence blood flow to the baby’s body. A Doppler ultrasound examines the quantity of blood flow to the foetus to assist determine the time of birth.

When questioned, the majority of moms said they enjoyed sonography the most. Sonography is just a technique of keeping an eye on your kid. All a mother says is, ‘It’s been a long time without you, my darling, and I’ll tell you everything when I see you again.’ Feel lucky, keep cheerful, and carry yourself with elegance, since pregnancy is the most beautiful time for a woman!!



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