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A life is unknown to you until it begins to develop within you. You keep thinking what your kid is doing inside…you want to feel every second that your baby is with you. And after a few weeks, you feel the baby move for the first time. The pleasure, the excitement…feelings are just beyond description! Read on for more information on baby movements throughout pregnancy.

When do baby movements start?

Typical baby movements are felt between 18 and 25 weeks, depending on whether this is your first pregnancy or not. Women in their first pregnancy commonly begin to feel their baby’s movements around 22 to 24 weeks. Those who have previously been pregnant will often have symptoms between 18 and 20 weeks.

Will I be able to recognise my baby movements?

The first time you feel your baby move is known as quickening. You may not be able to tell whether the movement was caused by a baby. To begin, it often feels like fluttering, bubbling, or butterflies in the stomach. As your pregnancy grows, you will notice several types of activity, including evident kicks.

How often should my baby move?

Every woman’s pregnancy is unique, and the mother carrying the baby has the best understanding of the baby’s movements. There is no consistent pattern for the frequency and intensity of infant movements. The baby’s movements will normally increase in the second trimester. They will get somewhat smaller after 32 weeks and remain so until you go into labour.

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