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Infertility is no longer solely a problem for women. The fact is that one in every three infertility instances is caused by men, and they are also responsible for half of all infertility. Knowing about this issue can be difficult for many men, as being unable to become a father can make a guy feel as if he has failed in one of his most important obligations. Fortunately, there are treatments available for males that are effective.

Male infertility treatment

In most cases, determining the specific cause of infertility is challenging. Still, physicians can recommend procedures that will allow a guy to become a parent. In situations of infertility, both couples are assessed. This will allow physicians to determine whether she need any special therapy or can continue with the recommended reproductive treatments.

Semen and sperm examination

 The patient will be given a private room and some magazines to deliver a semen sample in. Experts will next assess the sperm count, shape, and

motility in relation to other characteristics


A man with a higher amount of normal-shaped sperm has a better probability of being fertile. Men with low sperm counts or defective sperm are

nonetheless fertile.

Physical examination


 This procedure can detect varicocele and indicate a hormonal imbalance that can be corrected surgically. A urologist is typically responsible for performing this operation.

A testicular biopsy is performed when no sperm is found in the sperm sample. A needle biopsy of the testicle can reveal whether or not the patient produces healthy sperm. In the

The following are basic things you can do in your life to increase fertility.

Increase your antioxidant intake

 You may have heard that antioxidants can help prevent cancer and heart disease. They can also help with infertility to a certain extent. There are antioxidants that are proven to increase sperm count.

– Zinc is present in red meat, beans, and chicken.

– Vitamin C: Found in a variety of fruits including oranges, lemons, kiwis, and grapes.

– Selenium is found in tuna, chicken, and beef.

– Vitamin E: Consume nuts, green vegetables, and oil for this.

– Folic Acid: Green vegetables, beans, fruits, and peas are rich sources of folate.

– Lycopene: Lycopene-rich foods include tomatoes, melons, and apricots.

Add these items to your dish, or take

Keep an eye on your soy intake

 Consuming too much soy can lower your sperm count. Soy is not just contained in tofu, as is commonly believed. In fact, it can also be found in energy bars and numerous health drinks. However, it is recommended that overweight people avoid soy consumption. While for everyone else, consuming too much soy may be detrimental to reproduction.

Check for the presence of dangerous chemicals in the workplace: If you are having trouble with conception, you should check for the presence of toxins in your working environment. Metalworkers, farmers, welders, varnishers, and painters may have an increased risk of infertility. The specific explanation for this remains unknown, however it is believed that chemicals present in the proximity can produce

So, what is the remedy to this situation? Well! The only thing you can do is avoid getting in direct touch with these chemicals. Wear masks, gloves, or cover your body to reduce the impact of chemicals.

Male Infertility specialist in Pune


Many big cities like Pune are known for the efficient treatment of male infertility. If you want yourself to be treated with the best specialist in Pune, then do check the rating of infertility specialist in Pune along with patients’ reviews before actually booking an appointment. Be comfortable with the doctor and tell him about your problem without any hesitation. There are many male fertility specialists in Pune, who can help you in getting into fatherhood.


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