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Will My IVF be a Success?

IVF Success

The 21st century is seeing more and more babies getting their start in the Petri dish of a fertility clinic. With an estimated 30 million couples (source: ETHealthworld.com) in the reproductive age group suffering from infertility, there has been an exponential number of IVF cycles being performed. IVF having become a common procedure with high success rate, it is important to know the factors that affect the IVF cycle success. CheQKmate is the best IVF Hospital in Wakad Pune.
Not being able to conceive a child naturally is definitely a matter of concern. Many couples opt for an IVF treatment. But fail to understand that efforts need to be taken from both the doctors as well as the patients. IVF treatment is an extremely sensitive matter as your emotions are deeply connected to the outcome. We completely understand your emotions and make available the best possible class of treatments. We wish to let you know about some factors that affect your treatment, either making it very smooth or turning it into a failure.

  • Your looks can deceive Mother Nature; your ovaries can’t!

Maternal Age is one of the most important factors for an IVF cycle to succeed. The better the egg quality, the better the chances of healthy embryos and chance of delivery a baby with IVF. This is the reason why women above 40 are offered egg donation as an option rather than using their own eggs.

  • Check the garden where your seed grows.

Choosing the right fertility clinic is of utmost importance. Any clinic you choose should have a couple centric approach to infertility management. The fertility clinic should offer a wide range of infertility remedies, customised fertility treatment and should have a good track record of patient satisfaction. The success rate of an IVF cycle depends to a large extent on the Lab environment; so ensure that your fertility clinic has one of the most updated labs. CheQKmate is the best IVF Hospital in Wakad Pune.


  • Kick that butt, throw that drink, get onto the treadmill and be at peace.

Making the correct lifestyle choices or modifying the existing ones should be the first step; even before you get on to your IVF cycle. Remember right lifestyle choices not only increase the chance of natural conception but also have a major role in the success of IVF cycles.

  • Past history of Pregnancy

If you had a successful pregnancy in the past, IVF is definitely going to work. A previous successful pregnancy means your womb is capable of carrying forward a pregnancy, hence once other infertility factors are circumvented, you stand a good chance of carrying a pregnancy forward.
Don’t go low imagining what would happen after the IVF treatment. Try to meet the requirements, as this is going be kind of a team effort. Everyone has to give their best shot! It’s time for you to give your best!

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Dr. Seema Jain is a gynecologist & fertility specialist at CheQKmate is the best IVF Hospital in Wakad Pune PCMC providing support and care. Begin your journey towards parenthood with Dr. Seema Jain, Gynecologist & Fertility Specialist at CheQKmate, an advanced Fertility & IVF in Pune, PCMC. As a dedicated fertility specialist, she offers comprehensive care, ensuring tailor-made solutions. If you’re searching for the best fertility doctor in Pimple Saudagar, Pune, trust Dr. Seema Jain’s expertise. Our fertility clinic near you is committed to providing unparalleled services in a state-of-the-art facility.
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