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When will I Conceive?

Signs of Fertility Problems

Waiting to hear the “good news” after you have tried hard, is something that can test your patience. The scene of the pregnancy news coming as a surprise is no longer common. Today, everything needs to be planned. Even conception. This is mainly due to the changes in lifestyle and other practices followed in the sexual lives. Most of the women have the question of when they will conceive and when they must actually try conceiving. We are here to erase all your doubts and try to give you a solution for this. Also, track signs of fertility problems.

  • Keep a record of your menstrual cycle.

You need to make a note of the period cycle. The first day of your period and the next period must have a pattern. Irregular cycles make it difficult for you to gauge. A female egg stays fertile only for 12-24 hours once out of the ovary. Hence keeping a track on the cycle is a vital part of planning a pregnancy. Ovulation takes place exactly in the mid period of your cycle.

  • Is it your day?

A sperm can survive only for 5 days in a woman’s body. Ideally you have only 5-6 days for conception within your cycle. You need to figure out the exact time of ovulation.
Ovulation is when the ovaries release eggs. In case of an intercourse during this period, the healthiest sperm may meet the egg resulting into pregnancy, or if the egg is not fertilized, it is degenerated and moves out along with the lining of the uterus which is called as “menstruation”
Ovulation takes place generally approximately during 12-16 days after your periods.. You ought to know when ovulation is going to take place in order to conceive.

  • Try hard for those six days.

Once you are aware of your ovulation period, have sex every day. Chances of conception are the highest during this span of time.

  • Physical fitness!

Aim for a healthy body weight and BMI. Being overweight disturbs your estrogen levels. This directly effects your ovulation. It’s advisable to lose 10-15% of your body weight before planning for conception.

  • You are what you eat!

Diet plays an important role in preparing your body for conception. There are things that provide good support for conception. Include foods rich with calcium, protein and iron. Choose whole foods over processed ones.
Rely on vitamin supplements. Vitamin B and folic acid are one of the major players for the induction of ovulation naturally.
Say good bye to caffeine, alcohol and smoking!

  • Choose the right workout.

Focus on your core and muscle strengthening. Do not stress yourself too much over scraping the fats from your body. Fat is important to maintain hormonal balance that leads to ovulation.
In case of you not being to conceive after trying a lot, you need to change your workout.
The best things in life never come easy! Prepare yourself well. Stay disciplined. Give up over things that are not allowing you to conceive. And surely, you shall conceive!

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