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What Happens after an Embryo Transfer?

Sterile Symptoms Female

The egg and sperm have had a great time in the incubator. The culture provides them an atmosphere as in the fallopian tube. Be it the light, temperature and the gas concentrations.. Below image shows the development if the embryo outside the body. But the curiosity of knowing what happens after the implantation is magnificent. For sterile symptoms female must undergo fertility test.           
After your eggs have been retrieved, time almost stops! Each day feels like a year and your curiosity about the activities in the lab reaches its peak! While you are getting restless, your baby is actually getting its life… Implanting an embryo is no less than an art… It takes immense skill and expertise over the procedure. Your fertility specialist is equally eager to make the transfer a success!
Each day is unique. Each day is important… The egg and the sperm try their best to bring you a new living being out of themselves!

# Day 1
After the embryo is transferred, the cells go on dividing themselves. The blastocyst begins to emerge from its shell.
# Day 2
After the embryo is out of its shell, it tries to get attached to the lining of the uterus. While it is trying to get attached, it grows to do so.
# Day3
This is the day when the blastocyst grafts itself in the lining of the uterus. You may have slight bleeding which is extremely positive.
# Day 4
The embryo tries to place itself deep inside the thick lining leading to spotting and bleeding. The embryo seeks nourishment by getting in there. Some women do not experience bleeding or spotting. But in that case, it does not mean that the transfer has failed.
# Day 5
The embryo is one with the lining… growing with speed.
# Day 6
The syncytiotrophoblast that is going to turn into the placenta, later, are a typical kind of cells. The generation of these cells release the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) into your blood stream.
# Day 7 & Day 8
hCG levels in the blood increase considerably. The placenta starts taking its shape and also it starts functioning to provide nutrition to your tiny baby.
# Day 9
You can surely have a blood test done on this day. hCG levels in the blood are high enough to trace and give a positive result. Even if your blood test shows negative, do not panic or conclude. You may wait for another 4-5 days and then get a blood test done.
Wanting to love your baby is the most desirable form of love ever… A woman can go to any extent to have her baby in her arms. Pain and discomfort are things which no where count in the journey. A fertility specialist is one, who completely understands your emotions and shall stay sensitive towards them till the end. Trust your specialist to the core and do not keep any doubts in mind. As keeping doubts inside will only make you anxious. Anxiety and stress hamper your mind to an extent where it does not allow your body work as it should. For sterile symptoms female must undergo fertility test.        Wish Pray and Hope for the best! Let the journey begin!

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