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The 3 'I's of Infertility Treatment

Three I's of Infertility

What is IVF?
During in vitro fertilization, mature eggs are collected from ovaries and fertilized by sperm in a lab. Then a procedure is done to place one or more of the fertilized eggs, called embryos, in a uterus, which is where babies develop. One full cycle of IVF takes about 2 to 3 weeks.
A newborn is a source of happiness.. a reason of the couple to dwell.. A baby not only binds you into a new relation of parenthood but also improves you as a human being! On the other hand, not being able to conceive shall cause immense stress. The couple once in love moves to a situation where their relationship is questioned. For all such low and lost couples we would like to introduce the three ‘I’s of infertility treatment!

Induction of ovulation.
A woman is structured with two ovaries on the either sides of the uterus in the centre. A matured egg is released through the ovary each month which reaches the uterus fertilized due to an intercourse or simple for menstruation. This process is called as ovulation.
Some women are not able to make it up for the natural ovulation. The ovaries do not release eggs in a regular cycle. During such cases, a woman may have to face a problem with irregular periods and difficulty for conception despite having regular sex.
For women going through such troubles, there is a procedure called as ‘induction of ovulation’. Ovulation is stimulated through medicines. Ovulation is also used to increase the no of eggs reaching maturity in a single cycle to increase the chances of conception. Clomid is one of the top rated medications known for the problem. Regular ultrasounds and urinary leutinizing hormone is checked for the induction.

IUI (Intrauterine insemination) is a fertility treatment that involves placing a sperm inside a uterus that helps create conditions for fertilization.
Sperm samples are collected from your partner, which is prepared for the procedure. The sperms are made free from the natural chemicals they contain, which may be a reason for the difficulty in conception. The volume of the sperms is worked upon that helps them reach the egg.
The procedure is extremely simple as it consists of a catheter that enters your cervix and the sperms are released. You shall be in a position you are usually in, for your pelvic examinations. Keep yourself relaxed and no not let your muscles tighten up. Prefer to stick to your most favourite playlist.
IUI shall be preferred when a there are problems like unexplained fertility, problems with cervical mucus and weaker sperms those are not able to reach the female eggs on their own.

Nowadays the most common question asked is what is IVF?
In vitro fertilization is a booming solution for all couples who have not been able to have a child naturally.
This procedure mainly involves the fertilization of an egg taking place outside the body. In a lab, the sperm is injected into an egg and is restored for fertilization. Once the egg is fertilized, it is checked under the microscope and in injected back in the uterus. The egg is left to graft itself on the wall of the uterus.
Fertility medicines are induced to encourage production of a healthy egg.
After the eggs are ready and mature, eggs are extracted out of the uterus. This is done through a surgical procedure where in a needle is passed in the ovaries for the extraction. Your partner as well will be asked to produce a sample. Sperms are washed only to activate them and then injected manually in the extracted egg. Later after 2-5 days, the embryo is transferred into the uterus.
Kindly bear in mind that fertility treatments can be a success only under a disciplined and a healthy routine. They will surely be slightly heavy on your pocket. Choice of the correct fertility centre along with an experienced IVF specialist can work wonders! Stay focused and positive with regards to the treatment. Do what are advised to do and honestly quit stuff that will not be helpful but only worsen the situation.
Hope you got your answer for what is iVF?
Wishing you a happy and healthy baby soon!

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