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Weight and fertility!!


 Long working hours, the constant pursuit of higher job titles, and fulfilling job responsibilities can be demanding, often extracting a toll on one’s well-being. The pursuit of professional contentment sometimes comes at the expense of personal health. The sedentary lifestyle, reliance on comfort foods, and persistent stress can reshape your body, laying the groundwork for significant health challenges. In the midst of this occupational hustle, it becomes crucial to address the interconnectedness of fertility and body weight. As we delve into this discussion, consider seeking guidance from a fertility specialist near you to navigate this intricate relationship and prioritize your overall well-being.

What has my weight got to do with fertility?

Your body weight has a direct impact on your reproductive system. Increase of visceral fat never allows your organs to work correctly. Visceral fat is the fat that is not seen on the surface but keeps on adding into your weight and is the reason for starting new diseases inside your body.

Increased waist circumference induces diabetes. High sugar levels stop your ovulation. Male hormones are produced instead of the release of an egg. There can also be noticeable changes in your blood pressure levels. Gland functions are as well disturbed. You may be bothered with thyroid gland levels. Living with too much fat inside not only makes conception difficult but also doesn’t let your baby grow inside!


Below shown is a weight chart with accordance to the height.

Maintaining an ideal weight along with a healthy Body Mass Index assures a healthy conception, pregnancy and birthing!


Tips for maintaining a healthy body weight and BMI.

  • Exercise daily.
  • Include proteins in your diet.
  • Cut off carbs.
  • Avoid processed foods completely.
  • Biscuits are the main culprits behind high BMI levels.
  • Dinner timings must strictly be maintained before 8pm.
  • Addiction to beverages is not going to support!
  • Staying happy in all the circumstances helps reduce weight.
  • Rely on fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Inclusion of cinnamon in your diet can work wonders.
  • Cut off sugar in any form.
  • Do not use artificial sweeteners regularly.
  • A portion of fresh French beans daily is a must.

A leaner body not only promotes overall health but also enhances your self-confidence. Maintaining an appropriate weight and BMI is essential for facilitating normal bodily functions. When your body carries excess weight, it may lose control over regulating food intake, leading to overeating. This can adversely impact brain function and overall well-being. For young women reading this article, it’s crucial to prioritize your health to avoid hindrances to career goals caused by overweight-related health issues. If you have concerns about fertility or weight management, consider consulting a fertility specialist near you for personalized guidance and support.