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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Recurrent pregnancy loss

Recurrent pregnancy loss…
Reciprocal IVF, also known as partner IVF or co-IVF, is a fertility treatment option designed for female couples who both want to participate in the process of becoming parents. This method allows both partners to contribute to the formation of the family.Love is all about pain! And the pain that comes from the feeling of losing a life which kills you but still keeps you alive is unique. A positive pregnancy report turns you into a mother within no time. And, unfortunately the loss of an unborn baby hurts you no lesser than losing any other beloved person! For your emotions, for your grief and to build up little more courage we wish to expose you to some valuable information through which you can just nail it next time !! 

When is the miscarriage termed as ‘recurrent pregnancy losses?
When you have had more than 3 miscarriages before the completion of your 7th month of pregnancy, clinically it is termed as recurrent pregnancy loss. You will either have a visible miscarriage during the second trimester or in the early stage of pregnancy, the foetus just disappears and it is detected through your blood and urine reports.People can also opt for reciprocal IVF who are suffering constant pregnancy loss

What turns a pregnancy into a loss?

  • You not being aware of your body conditions might surely lead your pregnancy to a miscarriage. You need to keep a track of your blood pressure levels and your sugar levels. High blood pressure, high sugar levels and an unfavourable insulin resistance can lead your pregnancy to a miscarriage. An increase of thyroid is equally responsible for you not being able to carry your pregnancy to term.
  • Your lifestyle plays a dominant role in your pregnancy. Smoking, alcohol, drugs are going to be your baby’s enemies and surely not let it grow. Other than these common things, you have to aim for an ideal body weight. BMI parameters must be pretty fair for the conception and pregnancy to be hassle free.
  • Anatomic or structural issues may be a reason for the miscarriage. The shape of your uterus being non supportive for a pregnancy can roll down the foetus. Some women have tissues grown inside their uterus. This tissue is called as septum and makes your uterus become smaller. Growth of fibroids can also cover up the space inside leaving no room for the baby.
  • A healthy pregnancy depends on the genetic factors too. In case there are any genetic abnormalities, miscarriage chances grow much higher. Genetic disorders become stronger with the maternal age. Women above 35 years of age tend to develop chromosomal disorders due to which babies are born with Down syndrome.

Is there any way I can perceive the reason behind my miscarriage?

  • You can go for a karyotype blood test where in, you and your partner can get sure if there any chromosomal issues.
  • An x-ray called as hysterosalpingogram or an ultrasound called as sonohysterogram help you detect if your uterus is of an abnormal shape.

Are there any treatments available?

  • A surgery can help you get over septum issue and fibroids.
  • In case you are troubled with blood clots, you will be put on a medication for blood thinning.
  • Your sugar levels, thyroid levels and blood pressure levels will be brought under control.
  • When chromosomal issues are detected, you and your partner will have a genetic counselling. If that too doesn’t work, you shall have a baby through IVF procedures.
  • You need to stop smoking, alcohol and other drug addictions in order to carry your baby to term.

Always keep in mind that if something is not happening today, it doesn’t mean it will never ever happen. There are solutions to all the problems that exist and you can have a happy baby soon! Do not drive yourself emotionally crazy if, in case you have been going through a miscarriage again and again. It’s important to focus on the solution rather than the problem.

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