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Pushing Towards Higher Delight

Pushing Towards higher delight

In vitro fertilization (IVF) process is a complex assisted reproductive technology (ART) commonly used to help couples with fertility issues conceive a child. The IVF process involves several steps, and it’s important to note that the specifics may vary depending on the fertility clinic and individual circumstances.
The day you have been waiting will soon come. You keep imagining and doing stuff that can make you feel closer to your baby. Your baby, through its movements tries hugging you from inside. You want to see into your baby’s eyes and cry with pride! But, after you win the game of birthing naturally, you might feel more proud of yourself! Birthing is surely going to be your greatest achievement!

The most challenging part of labor is during the last hour when the baby has moved in the birth canal and it can enter the world only when you push. Keep calm and trust your body.
There are some natural fears attached to this miraculous process. We at gynaegalaxy, provide sufficient training and educate pregnant women about how can they give their best during birthing! We would love to share the same with all our readers too.



Getting prepared for a natural birthing.

  • Join prenatal classes. Exercises will change and modify your body only for the better. Prenatal exercises make it easy for the body to support vaginal birth, the dilation and many other things. Kegel exercises are highly recommended.
  • Try not to put on extra weight than recommended. Putting on unnecessary weight will not let your muscles work like they are supposed to. Muscles tend to weaken with increased weight thereby providing less or no support to your pelvic muscles. Pelvic floor muscles must be strong for you to go through labor without damaging yourself.
  • Perineum massage will make a huge difference. It will make your perineum stronger and chances are, even if you have an incision, you will heal faster.


How do I know if I am in labour?
Labor starts with contractions and cramps. In the extreme initial stage, it may feel like menstrual cramps. You may stay at home during your early labor. You are allowed to eat and drink and roam around. Dilation takes its own sweet time.
The time when you really need to move to the hospital is when your contractions get really near. They get way too strong for you to bear. You will experience pain when you stand or sit. Your back too feels those contractions. Do not wait until you start leaking or bleeding vaginally as it might get difficult for you to reach the hospital.
The IVF Process is complex and designed to assist couples facing fertility challenges in achieving pregnancy. Success may require multiple cycles.

How can I help myself during labour?

  • Do not get tensed during pain. Mental panics stress up your muscles making the pain even worse. You have to train your mind to stay relaxed. Pain is going to increase and you are going to bear it!
  • Concentrate on your breathing techniques. It’s time to use the tricks that you have been taught during your prenatal classes. Do not shout or scream as you will end up wasting energy.
  • Mobilize yourself. Keep walking and do not stay in one position for a longer time. A Swiss ball can help you bear the pain and also help the baby move faster in the birth canal.
  • Massages can give you immense relief. Ask your birth partner to give you a massage on your shoulders and back that will help you stand a long labor.
  • You can either stick to delivering your baby without medications or you can surely ask your doctor to provide an epidural or a spinal to ease the pain. With an epidural, you will still feel the contractions but not the pain. Pushing might be difficult due to the numbness.

They say second stage of labor shall be challenging.
During the second stage of your labor, pain and contractions go beyond bearable limits and you will have to keep a control on yourself and try to understand what the doctor is asking you to do! Basically all you are supposed to do is to push! The duration for the second stage of labor is from 20 min to 2 hours. There are some things that might put you at ease!

  • While pushing, make it a point that you keep your chin tucked into your chest. This will help you apply the required force without disturbing the balance.
  • Give your 100% and stay honest to yourself. Push as much as you can without thinking of getting into any embarrassing situation.
  • Do not stay in the same position for a longer time as it may not help your baby move.
  • Practice breathing techniques while you have time in between your contractions.
  • You must stop pushing whenever the doctor instructs you to.

A magical drug for a smooth labor! Self hypnosis
Hypnosis is an effective method of mental training where in the women are taught to drive themselves in a state of imagination that their uterine muscles are meant to do their job and have been designed the most accurate manner. Staying comfortable during childbirth can be done only through the correct relaxation technique.

  • You can have your hypnotherapist with you to guide you. You can stay in hypnosis for as long as you wish to and come out of it at your own will.
  • It is just a relaxed state of mind and not a drug-induced sleep.
  • Your mind will do only what is meant to be done. You will not accept any wrong instructions while in hypnosis.

Women who have used hypnosis during vaginal birthing have confessed that they did not need any kind of pain control. All they felt were mild cramps which were easy to bear. You can find a hypnotherapy center for yourself and be rest assured that your natural birth is going to be painless!
A woman is born with all the strength to give birth to a baby! Only after birthing she realises that she is stronger than she thought. Birthing is all about the acceptance of the situation. Yes, there will be pain. Yes, it is going to last for a very long time for you to bear. But also, you must remember, it’s only you that can create the biggest magic of your life! For birthing is an emotion and not just a painful procedure!

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