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Calculating Pregnancy Weeks

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Nine months of waiting period feels like lot more during pregnancy. A baby is a little bit of heaven that will be coming in your life. You always want to have a track of your time during your pregnancy. Today’s article is all about pregnancy due date calculator.

  • Date of conception based on ovulation
    The exact date is usually calculated based on your last menstrual period. (LMP). The first day of your last menstrual period is calculated as the first day of your pregnancy. Pregnancy can be counted from the (estimated) day of ovulation as well. The date of conception will be about two weeks after the first day of your last menstrual period
  • A famous method of calculating your due date manually. ( For a regular cycle of 28 days)

Most of the professionals use the Naegele’s Rule.

  • Just take up the date of last menstrual period.
  • Add in seven days.
  • Subtract three months
  • The date you obtain shall be your date.

This rule can be illustrated using a date. Assume your last menstrual period on 7th of Dec. Add in 7 days that would be the 14th of Dec. Subtracting 3 months would give you 14th of September. Hence, your due date would be around the 14th of September. 

  • In case your periods are irregular:-

    For women who have an irregular menstrual cycle,

  • Simply add 21 days to your last menstrual period date.
  • Subtract 14 days to find your differential LMP date.
  • Mark this date on your pregnancy wheel and you will get your estimated due date.

Pregnancy wheel: This is a handy round wheel like calculator that marks your due date once the last menstrual period date is fed.

Trimester? What does this indicate?
During pregnancy baby’s development is always measured in the period of 3 trimesters. 3 months make one trimester. You can refer pregnancy due date calculator.

  • First trimester is the onset of your pregnancy till the 13th This is the time you go for your first appointment to your doctor. The right time to adapt some good changes in your lifestyle. Pelvic floor exercises must be started during this period.
  • Second trimester is the duration between 14th to 27th You shall feel settled. Your baby growth is at a better pace and so is the growth of your tummy.
  • Rest of the duration can be considered as the third trimester. You will experience your baby moves spontaneously. Comparatively there shall be less sleep and you might need more stamina to stay active.


You calculating your time will not reduce the duration. These 9 months are the most memorable months of your life. You are pampered and taken extra care of. Everyone around is worried about your likes and dislikes. Your comfort is the first priority. The feelings you have had are unbeatable. 9 months is considerably a long duration but then it is going to be worth it! And along with you baby you are going to happily pass through all the time! The first look of your baby is going to make you feel as if you are born once again!
Wishing you a very happy pregnancy!

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