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Pale In Pregnancy

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9 months of pregnancy...the growing power of love. You are completely in love with your unseen baby. you always keep dreaming. There is a dash of colourful thoughts running throughout your mind and heart! Dr. Seema Jain is the Best IVF Doctor in Wakad Pune.
And sometimes, for some mothers, there is a persistent struggle for regaining the glow, the radiance and the complexion. This indicates iron deficiency which can be termed as anaemia.
At an early stage of pregnancy, the plight of the situation might not be felt. But, later as the pregnancy progresses, things may go in a perilous state.
Pregnancy demands everything twice the requirement. Your body needs to be nourished. Fluids rich with vitamins need to be gushing in.
Adequate fluids might lessen the nauseated feeling leaving you at an ease all day.
Most important nutrient for an expecting woman is iron. Its iron, that the body absorbs at the very first moment. Transferrin (a form of protein) acts as an emissary to carry and nourish the body and generation of red blood cells is thereby initiated. We have often come across the term “low haemoglobin”. Haemoglobin is nothing but is a protein that along with oxygen is supplied throughout your body. The same goes for your baby. Make sure your iron bank – ferritin is not on the “reserve” mode!
Consistently low levels of iron, can lead to premature birth or other fatal complications.
Anaemia is an issue that needs to be addressed on priority.

Some symptoms for anaemia are,

  • Loss of colour, dull eyes, weak nails and lifeless lips.
  • Vibrating mind (difficulty in concentration)
  • Headache all day
  • Lack of energy
  • Extreme mood swings
  • Suffocation

Some great dietary sources of iron, which are found easily, are


  • Dark leafy vegetables
  • Dry fruits
  • Fortified pulses
  • Organic black jaggery

Also, try consuming your iron rich foods along with vitamin C foods. But in case you are on supplements, do not have iron rich foods with vitamin C.
An infusion for iron deficiency may be considered if dietary and supplementary sources fail to raise the levels.
Your Gynaecologist is the right person to take a call on this.
Keep your cool and gear up for birthing! There is no better destination than a happy and healthy motherhood!

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