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Pain Relief During Labour

Pain Relief during Labour

Pregnancy is a journey which is incomparable. It’s special and unique in its own way. For a woman, birthing is said to be the most challenging act to perform. Dr. Seema Jain is the best female infertility specialist in Pune.

Long hours of growing pain, the anxiety and the power required to sustain the pain are things which may be frightening. What so ever it may be, the fact that labor is painful shall never change! Bringing a new life into the world is not as easy as it looks!
But, the good news is that you are open to choose your way of pain management! We wish to introduce some pain relief methods.

Antenatal training
Educating yourself completely about the upcoming episode is going to prepare you. Antenatal training sessions assure that you are fit enough to take up the pain and deliver without backing out!
Breathing techniques help one to control the pain and bear it for longer durations.
While in labour you will be asked to walk around only to increase the mobility of your baby that is trying equally hard to move down.
Do not stay in one single position for a longer time. Changing positions shall give pain some time for your body to feel the intensity.
If you are in a position to have a bath during your labour, nothing like it!
Try not to be alone during labour. Having a person with you keeps you boosted and makes labour less scary!

Magic of Nitrous oxide!
This magical gas can be your best birthing partner while you strive hard to stay stable during your labour.
Oxygen in abundance along with nitrous oxide gives your respiratory system the push to bear the pain. The best part is, you can control it yourselves! You shall be trained to use this at your antenatal classes. It’s as simple as placing the mask and inhaling the gas. You might feel light headed after some repetitions. If there are effects because of which you lose your focus, continuing is not a good plan! Dr. Seema Jain is the best female infertility specialist in Pune.

Intravenous medication.  
IV medications mainly include Demerol and Stadol.
Go for it if you are really not able to bear the pain. It lessens the pain given by the contractions and the makes you feel sleepy. The negative side to this is you cannot have this in the later stage of labour while your baby has entered the birth canal. As inducing these drugs shall make it difficult for the baby to breathe independently.
Pethidine or diamorphine are pain relievers given in the form of injections. It takes around 20 mins approx for the effects to be felt. This eases the pain leaving you relaxed.
Other side of the medication is that it may make it difficult for you to feed the baby for the first time.

An epidural is a kind of anaesthetic that numbs the nerves carrying the pain signals from the birth canal to brain. This can be a source of complete relief. You will not feel the pain but you are going to feel the contractions. Feeling contractions is essential so as to push the baby downwards.
Mobility after having taken an epidural depends upon the amount of it being given. After having had an epidural, one needs to keep frequent checks on the baby’s movements and heartbeat.

How is an epidural administered?
You might feel anxious and nervous as you may get a rough idea of it being given to you in your spine. And spinal injections are something very uncommon.
You shall be asked to sit erect and then curl yourself towards your knees. This helps the anaesthetist to feel the level at which he/she needs to insert the needle. An epidural consists of local anaesthetic and opioid. Estimated time for the epidural to work is around 15 mins.
You can adjust the epidural with accordance to your need. Through out the labor, you can decide when you wish to have it.Everything has its own positives and negatives.Similarly, an epidural has its own negatives.
Your mobility shall be hampered to some extent. Blood pressure may drop. If this happens you shall be taken care of. If the epidural has been taken at a higher intensity, there are chances for your second stage of labour becomes considerably slow. This may take you to an instrumental delivery where in forceps or vacuum cups help to pull the baby out.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation
This is termed as TENS. Electric waves are generated and are passed on to the muscles and the nerves. It is an easy and effective method of pain relief. You can always ask for it in the hospital. This is most effective during the early stages of labour.
There are 4 electrodes which need to be taped on your back. These electrodes are connected to the stimulator. You can adjust the intensity of stimulation yourself to relieve pain. The stimulators produce body’s natural pain killer called endorphins. There is a good depletion in the no. of pain signals carried to the brain from the spinal cord.
You can opt for other methods like reflexology, acupuncture and self hypnosis. Though these methods may not give you 100% pain relief, you can help yourself to make the birth of child a good memory!
Be rest assured, there shall be a team of doctors making sure that even if there is pain, you deliver safely. Try to “understand” that pain in labor is normal. Pain is something that has to be welcomed by you yourself. With the current lifestyle and the food pollution, one needs to be lucky enough to have a normal vaginal delivery!
Wishing you gain enough strength and courage! Let the journey begin!

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