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Protein In Urine During Pregnancy

Protein in urine during Pregnancy

Detection of protein in the urine during pregnancy…
IUI procedure is a widely used fertility treatment offering hope to many couples. By understanding the steps involved and the conditions for which it’s recommended, individuals can make informed decisions on their path to building a family.
Regular screenings, intake of multivitamins, exercises and soul nourishing food.. All this makes you feel relaxed and provides sustenance for the duration which is of paramount importance.

You will be asked to go for an urine examination as well. An urine examination consists of severe chemical and microscopic examinations. An urine test during pregnancy is one of the topmost priorities to estimate the functioning of the bladder or kidney infections, dehydration and to keep a check on your sugar levels.
In some cases, there are traces of protein in the urine. What does this indicate? Is it something to worry about? Will this affect the baby??
Well, we have the answers for you. Do not get anxious over the presence of protein in your urine, as the problem can be taken care of and things can be brought under control.
It is absolutely ok to have protein losses up to 300mg. But if the protein in your urine is more than 3 gms, it simply means the blood filtration done by the kidney is unacceptable. In medical terms, its addressed as proteinuria.
Traces of protein in the urine might occur due to reasons like urinary tract infection. You may experience backache, vomiting and nausea. Urine infection needs to be addressed immediately as it may be a cause for low weight at birth.
Other reasons for the protein trace are, lack of fluids in the body, staying in high temperature for a long time, feeling emotionally low, high sugar levels and over exertion.

How can you know whether its protein urea ??
The color of the urine may turn yellowish with a foamy texture. You may have swelling in your body.
This problem can be easily solved with an antibiotic course that your doctor will prescribe. Protein levels can be brought under good control by keeping a balance of protein and reducing salt intake.
Do not panic at any situation as there is a solution for every problem and nothing can stop you from delivering a healthy smiling baby!! Have faith as courage follows only when faith takes the lead.
We wish you a happy and a healthy birthing!!

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