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Favouring multiple Choices! (How many embryos to transfer while IVF?)

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After having gone through the entire cycle of IVF, the day arrives when you get a call that takes you higher with hope… Embryo ready for the transfer! You will have your baby inside you and you shall make sure that you give it complete nourishment. Dr. Seema Jain is the Best MD Gynecologist Near me for people in Pune.

You reach the lab and are dumbstruck when you understand there are multiple embryos that are extremely healthy and you need to choose! Nevertheless, embryo transfer is the most important thing in IVF, whether to transfer one or two of them is something that can make you pull your own hair!

Are there any parameters through which we can help ourselves decide?
Some points shall be helpful for a couple to understand, that support this prominent decision.

  • Maternal Age
  • Quality of the sperms
  • How well has the embryo developed
  • Medical history of the couple when it comes to conception
  • Endometrial behaviour.

The fertility specialist always has customised solutions towards his/her patients. No two couples shall have the same verdict.
Female age becomes a matter of concern while deciding the no of embryos to be transferred. IVF done before 30 years of age can sustain 2 embryos. This age frame has the capacity of carrying multiple pregnancies. There are high chances of multiple pregnancies before 30.

For a woman beyond 35 years of age, more than 2 embryos can be planted as there are fewer chances of multiple pregnancies.

Further, depending upon the readiness of the couple, quantity to transfer is decided. There are financial issues that may bother you. If your doctor has decided for a blastocyst stage transfer, even a single embryo transferred can be a success.
If you have had a negative experience of IVF failures, your fertility specialist takes complete charge and takes the decision.

The best part of an IVF procedure is that you can as well freeze the embryos. If you wish to have a kid later after some years you can surely do it. It’s important to understand that the decision making needs to be firm and whole hearted. You might end up with a single child or more. After the transfer, fate and destiny play their part in the game.


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