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USG In Pregnancy

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‘Seeing you for the first time is the greatest awakening of my life’… This is what a mother realises during her very first USG. A mother sees her baby only through the USG for the entire 9 months. It is one of the most important forms of the effort that you and your doctors take to ensure your baby’s great health and accurate development. Many questions are running out in a mother to be concerning a USG. We would want to serve you with some information. CheQKmate is the Best IVF Clinic in Pune PCMC.

What is an USG?
USG refers to a very simple procedure wherein, an electromechanical device is used to check the embryo and foetus developing in the uterus. USG stands for ultrasonography. Average number of ultrasounds varies with each pregnancy.

How do I get prepared?

  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes
  • Drink lots of water to make you feel that your bladder is full.
  • Avoid urinating until the USG is done.

USG procedure:
A smooth transducer shall be used along with a clear watery gel to slide on your tummy. Images shall be captured showing various required dimensions. It may take around half an hour approximately. The procedure is completely painless.
 Are there any other kinds of USG procedure?
Yes there are other kinds of ultrasounds available.

  • Transvaginal ultrasound: When the images retrieved from a normal USG do not depict complete or required dimensions, your doctor may go for a transvaginal sonography. Most of the times, obese women are recommended for it, as it gets difficult to get clear image from a normal sonography.


  • 3D Ultrasound:3D sonography is done roughly during the 26th week as the baby’s face is the process of development and you can visualise it completely. It is best to get this sonography done before 30 weeks. As the baby’s face starts moving towards your pelvis, it may turn out to be difficult to trace.


  • 4D Ultrasound:This is mostly used to look at the surface of your baby’s foetal structures. This gives you life like images even when the baby is surrounded by the amniotic fluid. 4D images can be taken at anytime beyond 12 weeks of your pregnancy.


  • Doppler Ultrasound: This kind of scan is done to keep a check over blood flow in the baby’s body, blood clot and baby’s overall health.

When shall I ask to get an ultrasound done?
Your first sonogram shall be done in the 12th week only to confirm the due date of your delivery. Later, in the 18th -20th week you may have to get it done once again. A scan shall be repeated in the 32nd week to ensure the baby’s expected growth, baby positions, functions, and its movements are tracked. Ultrasound repetition may increase in case you are a diabetic patient or you are into the frame of high-risk pregnancy. CheQKmate is the Best IVF Clinic in Pune PCMC.

When asked, the majority of the mothers say, that it was the USG they used to enjoy the most!! USG is just a way of keeping an eye over your baby. All a mother keeps saying is ‘It’s been a long time without you, my baby, and I shall tell you all about it when I see you again’.Feel blessed, stay happy and carry yourself with grace as it’s pregnancy when a woman looks most beautiful!!

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