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Too Young to be Infertile? 5 Things to know from your Doctor

infertility signs and symptoms

Yes, we are advanced.. We exercise in the trendiest gym… we buy stuff from the top graded supermarket… we have great taste for the latest brands… we work hard and party even harder…Many of us these days, are confident about our lifestyles… We don’t know whether it is good or bad but we are definitely trending! And all the confidence slashes to its best when we realize we are unable to reproduce! Regardless to age, infertility signs and symptoms have entered many lives; questioning their individuality; leaving couples hopeless…

What we suggest our readers is to quickly rush to their doctors with some questions which might change everything!! Some answers are not just answers but they do grant you a new life’; a new perspective towards the same old things!


  1. How do I know whether I must conceive or I still have time?
    Many women these days have this question. This question arises if you are in your late 20’s. Having heard that a woman during her 30’s cannot conceive, it’s also true that sometimes even your early 20’s give you serious fertility issues.
    The solution is to get a test done at a fertility centre which can give you your ovarian egg reserve. Depending upon the outcome, your doctor shall guide you with the time left for conception.
  2. Our test reports are completely normal! What might be the problem then?
     Unexplained infertility signs and symptoms is when, the reproductive system of a woman is working perfectly and there are no abnormalities seen in the functions of the uterus as well as the ovaries, but still the female is unable to conceive. This is the situation where there is no idea what to do and how to diagnose the root cause.

Check whether following are the reasons.

  • Stress
  • Pre-existing health issue
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Low level of cervical mucus


  1. I am low on sperms. Can this be improved?

Most of the men suffer with low sperm count. This is only due to the incorrect lifestyle. Some of the below tips shall help overcoming the problem…

  • Quit alcohol and smoking.
  • Limit caffeine
  • Exercise daily within limits and stop steroids.
  • Have sex regularly
  • Use skin friendly fabrics when it comes to your undergarments.
  • Save yourself from the radiation of laptops.
  • Chemical exposure is a big no no!
  1. In spite of having unprotected intercourse, we are not able to get the results!


The trick lies in having intercourse on the correct days.

Visit our doctor and find out your ovulating days.

Unprotected sex during those days shall surely lead to conception.


  1. I am 38 and have regular periods! Do I still need to get my fertility levels checked with a specialist?
    Only a regular ovulation does not reassure that you are fertile. With increasing age the quality of eggs decline. Also the functioning of the reproductive system is not as normal as it feels to conceive or to carry the baby to term.
    Get a fertility check up done with your doctor. You must be well acquainted with all the fertility treatment options available for your support and time management.
    Unfortunately, due to the environment and the lifestyle we lead, fertility is no more only age dependent. To fight infertility, it is important to understand that the more time you take for decisions; the problem might grow even more serious. It’s wise to visit your doctor, discuss all the possible ways out and act accordingly.
    With discipline and constant efforts you shall surely conquer infertility!

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