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The 4 Ws of Infertility - Why, What, Where & Who

4 reasons of infertility

Have you been trying to conceive since more than a year now?
Are your trials not leading to the wanted results? We present to you the most appropriate method for moving towards the solution! We have answers to your questions! Remember, when its infertility, there is no ‘time zone’ that belongs to you. Avoid comparisons. Life is a journey and not a competition!! You shall be surely sent your blessing when your time comes! Let’s get to know about Female Infertility Symptoms.

Infertility? Why ???

  • Tobacco
  • Alcohol
  • Blocked fallopian tubes.
  • Higher weight and a high BMI.
  • Thyroid imbalance.
  • Menopause before the age of 40.
  • Growth of tumours or fibroids.
  • Endonmetriosis
  • Ovulation disorders.

What to do?
There are treatments for the reason that is causing you Female Infertility Symptoms.

Ovulation problems:
An ovulation calendar needs to be followed. Having an intercourse at the correct time suggested by your doctor may help you conceive. You may be prescribed medicines for stimulating your ovaries to release eggs.


  • Blocked fallopian tubes do not require IVF treatment. Instead a tubal surgery may give you a solution to the problem.


  • Endometriosis, in which, there is a tissue growth outside the uterus is also treated through a surgery. After the surgery, your body will take some to work normally and help you conceive. You will be on medication for your body support. For women who have mild endometriosis, conception, pregnancy and birthing shall not be a problem. Only in severe cases surgery shall be recommended.


  • Insemination – An insemination procedure includes placing sperm directly into the woman’s reproductive tract using a tube that enters through the vagina. Your doctor will decide with which type of insemination should you proceed ( Intrauterine insemination or Artificial insemination)


  • In vitro fertilization – This is a treatment preferred by many couples these days. The procedure involves a woman’s eggs from the ovaries and fertilizing them in a laboratory with the sperms. Later, after fertilization, the eggs are transferred into the uterus.


  • Infertility with no reason: Infertility sometimes is completely unexplained. In this case, hormonal injections are used to support conception. However, this case can be solved naturally.



  • Stress management stands on the first position. One must master the art of managing stress. Stress never allows your body to work as it wants to.


  • Have nutritious food. Your food must necessarily contain folic acid, calcium and vitamin C. Changing your diet can create a great level of difference.



  • Consume whole foods. Prefer everything homemade. Thrive on fresh fruits and vegetables.



  • Fertility cleansing is a magical procedure that can double the chances of conception. In the procedure of fertility cleansing, three things are focused on. They are your liver health, uterine health and increase of blood circulation to the uterus.



  • Physical activities increase blood circulation. Exercises help keep stress, anxiety and depression at a bay. Exercises must be to an extent where in you sweat to the maximum. All the toxins are released through sweat. This kind of detoxification helps you maintain your hormonal balance.


Where are these issues sorted out?
You have to make a correct choice with the fertility centre. There is a small checklist which can help you choose the right center for Female Infertility Symptoms.

  • Are they tied with the insurance companies?
  • Check the doctor’s experience.
  • Track the hygiene .
  • How far is it from your residence?
  • Their affiliations are important too.
  • Are they working the entire week? Sometimes, your ovaries might get ready on the weekends!
  • What do they strive hard for? Only conception or they stay with you till birthing?
  • Are they trying to turn you positive?


Last factor but definitely the most important one! Find out who is the reason for your parenthood moving far away from you. It’s not necessary to go by the rule of perception. Though the percentage of male infertility is comparatively lesser than female infertility, assessment is necessary. In case or male infertility, there are effective medications that can lead you to the next stage of life way too faster!
Life is all about getting up with more radiance each time you fall! Do not think of infertility as a tag which you have been labelled with. Remember, this is a disorder and not a disease! Seeking good things in the bad times only allows you to know a better version of you. You shall get a reason to change many things in your life throughout this journey, for e.g.: food habits, lifestyle, emotional stability, positive thinking and many more.
Everything happens for a reason! Infertility too!!  

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