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Small Baby During Pregnancy

Small Bay During Pregnancy

While you are pregnant, you are too excited to see your baby bump grow. A woman looks most beautiful during her pregnancy. Some mothers feel worried, when they have a smaller bump compared to other pregnant women. Dr. Seema Jain: Your Trusted Fertility and Gynecologist In Pune

The size of the bump must not worry you unless it has any impact on your baby. However, in some cases the baby itself might be smaller in size. We would want all our readers to know and understand the situation where in the baby is smaller than expected.

We shall try making things clear by clarifying some doubts that might be bothering many mommies-to-be.

How do I measure my baby bump?

  • Your tummy is measured from the 24th week of pregnancy.
  • In case you are 30 weeks pregnant, your tummy must measure somewhere around 28-32 cm. The measurement must be within the tolerance of+/- 2 cm.

Is anything lower than the defined range alarming?

  • Most of the times, the size of the bump may not be a cause of worry, as it depends on the height of the mother.
  • If the mother is tall, the baby gets more space vertically.
  • If the mother is short, the baby bump moves forward making available space.
  • Sometimes, even through the sonographies, baby tends to look smaller. This may have many visual reasons like the presence of the amniotic fluid, the direction of your baby in the womb and your muscles covering it.
  • If your baby is active enough despite it being smaller than normal, there must be nothing to worry about.

What if my baby is really small?
How will I know whether it has growth issues?

During your sonography, you might be told by your doctor whether your baby has a slower growth. If you are not gaining weight as expected, it’s a clear indication of your baby not growing properly. This is medically termed as IUGR ‘Intrauterine growth restriction’.

Your baby’s health will be checked to ensure if your baby is getting sufficient nutrients for its growth. The amniotic fluid has a vital role for your baby’s growth.

But what is stopping my baby from growing?

There are some factors you must be aware of that can hamper your baby.

  • Exposure to chemicals or harmful radiation.
  • Abnormal uterus.
  • Infections during pregnancy.
  • Hypertension and heart disease.
  • Abnormal placenta. (The placenta not being able to provide sufficient nutrients to the baby).
  • Addictions like smoking and alcohol
  • Poor diet.
  • Level of your amniotic fluid.
  • Mother not being fit enough to carry the baby.( Underweight)
  • Multiple gestation ( Mother carrying twins or triplets)

How do I handle this ?
You can control this situation by making some simple lifestyle changes and following some simple rules.

  • Keeping a constant check on your baby’s movements.
  • Following the best preferred diet.
  • Sleep more and take ample physical rest throughout the day.
  • Prenatal exercises under guidance are a must.
  • Quit caffeine, alcohol and smoking.

Will I have a safe birthing?

You will be kept under very frequent medical checkups. If your baby’s heartbeat goes low, chances are you might be prepared for an early delivery (premature).

Providing your doctor feels your baby doesn’t have any complications except for a low birth weight, you might go for a vaginal delivery.
If your baby shows up symptoms of it not being able to take the pressure of a vaginal delivery, your baby shall be delivered through a C-Section.
Keep yourself away from stress and focus only on how you can improve yourself as well as your baby’s better health. A baby with low birth weight can be brought to normal weight within a couple of months. A mother stands to be everything for her baby. A mother’s love has the power to heal her baby completely. Let your love for your baby grow. After all, it’s the affection that matters and not the size of the baby bump!

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