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IUI Solutions for Infertility

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You are just a step away from your baby. But are you lost finding that step for yourselves? Infertility can be treated using various methods. One such method is the IUI procedure. IUI stands for intrauterine insemination. CheQKmate is a best fertility hospital in Pune & PCMC.

Have heard of something like this but how do I start?
You necessarily need to see a fertility specialist to begin with. Your overall health shall be taken into consideration. Your hormone levels will be checked.

Will I be taken up for the procedure after the check-up?
No, you are not going to go through the procedure directly after the check up. You will be kept on medication for the induction of ovulation. Blood tests and ultrasounds are done to keep a further check on your ovulation. Your ovulation will be closely tracked. Only after 2-3 days you have had a LH surge, you shall go through the procedure.

What is this procedure all about?

The procedure simply consists of getting your partner’s sperms (washed & processed) & injected in your uterus, after examining the best time, that will give you a positive result.

Sperm samples are collected from your partner, which is prepared for the procedure. The sperms are made free from the natural chemicals they contain, which may be a reason for the difficulty in conception. The volume of the sperms are worked upon which helps them reach the egg.

The procedure is extremely simple as it consists of a catheter that enters your cervix and the sperms are released. You shall be in a position you are usually in, for your pelvic examinations. Keep yourself relaxed and do not let your muscles tighten up. Prefer to stick to your favorite playlist.

Is there anything I can do that may lead to better results after the procedure?
Yes, there are some very simple things you can for your IUI success!

  • Lying down: Do not get up for more than 15 minutes after the procedure. This doubles the success chances.
  • Kicking off stress: Remain stress free. If you don’t like where you are, move! You are not a tree. Do what makes you happy.
  • Keeping in mind that you are still normal: Resume your normal activities without thinking about the procedure.
  • Enjoy Sex: Having an intercourse after the procedure can actually help you conceive.
  • Double the procedure: Discuss with your doctor regarding having two inseminations during your cycle.
  • Exercise: Have a 45 min exercise schedule daily.
  • Forget your carbs: Avoid or limit your carbs. Make sure your carbs are gluten free.

Remember, hope is the only thing that is stronger than fear! You will surely be answered when you are least expecting it!

About the Doctor
Dr. Seema Jain is a gynecologist & fertility specialist at CheQKmate, renowned & best Fertility Hospital in Pune PCMC providing support and care. Begin your journey towards parenthood with Dr. Seema Jain, Gynecologist & Fertility Specialist at CheQKmate, an advanced Fertility & IVF in Pune, PCMC. As a dedicated fertility specialist, she offers comprehensive care, ensuring tailor-made solutions. If you’re searching for the best fertility doctor in Pimple Saudagar, Pune, trust Dr. Seema Jain’s expertise. Our fertility clinic near you is committed to providing unparalleled services in a state-of-the-art facility.
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