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I'm Not Ready for IVF yet - Other Fertility Solutions

Not Ready for IVF -Other Fertility Solutions

As soon as you’ve been labelled ‘infertile’; your mind hovers all around not knowing where to stop! Most of the couples feel that getting onto fertility treatment means IVF; it’s not so. It would be heartening for the infertile couples to know that only 5% taking treatment needs IVF. Most of them can conceive with basic assisted reproductive techniques along with lifestyle modifications.
Let us try to understand about such helpful methods and procedures! If you are looking Best Gynic near me you can visit  CheQKmate Fertility Clinic.

I’ve PCOS with 2 years of Infertility. Should I get on to fertility treatment?
Yes; women who have PCOS as the cause for infertility have a very high chance of conceiving with basic fertility treatment. Lifestyle modifications including healthy diet and weight/waist loss is the first step. Ovulation Induction medication in the form of tablets or hormonal injections suffice in most of the cases. Women with resistant PCOS may need ovarian drilling (laparoscopy procedure to make small holes in the ovary). Very rarely IVF may be required. If yes then Best Gynic near you Dr. Seema Jain: Your Trusted Fertility and Gynecology Expert in Pune
We’ve been trying for one and half years and have recently found out that my husband’s sperm count and motility is little low.
For mild male infertility (borderline semen parameters), IUI is one of the most recommended options for conception. Most of the women will usually conceive in the first three to four cycles of IUI. In some cases, IVF/ICSI may be required.

I’ve three years of unexplained Infertility. Should I go for IVF?
Women with unexplained infertility usually have a problem in their tubal function or in the sperm/egg interaction. If a couple of IUI cycles have failed to give the required outcome, IVF would be the treatment of choice. Women with unexplained infertility have very high success rates with IVF.
IVF is not always the only option but is certainly an option with high success rate.
In, some cases with blocked fallopian tubes & severe male infertility factor, IVF/ICSI is not only considered to be the best treatment option but also the only option. Women who have high chance of needing IVF should not defer it for too long; otherwise, they may lose out on this option as well. Remember, to a large extent. Infertility management is time management too, because what is right for you today may not be right for you tomorrow.

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