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Hormone Testing in Infertility

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When you try to conceive and do not succeed, the very first thing you do is start wondering and burdening yourself with all the negative thoughts. When you rush to the doctor and are advised to get a list of hormonal tests done, it makes you feel all the more anxious. Looking for gyno doctor near me Dr. Seema Jain: Your Trusted Fertility and Gynecology Expert in Pune
Here’s a quick read for all our worried readers who wish to find out more about the hormonal tests!

Which hormones are important for conception? 

  • FSH
  • Estradiol
  • Serum Progesterone
  • Prolactin
  • Androgen
  • Luteinizing Hormone Level

What is the importance of these hormones?
FSH can be termed as follicle stimulating hormone. This hormone is mainly responsible for the production of eggs.
Estradiol: It’s not just about the production of eggs but also about the quality of the eggs. This particular hormone takes complete care of the quality of the eggs. A correct level of this hormone ensures healthy eggs for conception.
Serum Progesterone: Your ovary releases the egg and is received by the lining formed in the uterus. The formation of the lining needs complete support of this hormone. This hormone indicates the action of ovulation.
Prolactin: Prolactin is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. The level for this hormone is checked to identify the main reason of infertility.
Androgen: In case, you are losing interest in sex, this hormone is the culprit! Androgen is more commonly known as testosterone. Reduced levels might lead to irregular periods and drastically low sex drive.
Luteinizing Hormone Level: This hormone is linked to the ovarian hormone production. The egg needs to be matured to travel to the uterus. It’s the LH hormone that helps the egg mature.

Are there any other supportive tests involved ?


  • Basal body temperature may be a new term which shall come across. Body temperature is extremely important for ovulation. Seek guidance from your doctor.
  • Cervical mucus plays an important role in conception. You may be called upon for a test after having had repeated intercourse to see the after effects on the mucus.
  • Your uterus shall be checked to ensure its internal health. Also through a laparoscopic examination the uterus shall be checked for endometriosis and scars. The lining might be checked too.

Hormonal test for infertility is the optimum way out to reach the solution. Majority of the cases are sorted out as the test results carry reasoning with them. However, the real journey starts after the tests. Do not lost hope and stay patient. You need to play your part really well in the game, in order to win! Looking for gyno doctor near me Dr. Seema Jain: Your Trusted Fertility and Gynecology Expert in Pune

Wishing you luck!

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