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Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

Blood pressure During Pregnancy

Blood pressure is becoming common in young women due to various reasons like diet , lifestyle etc.. Most of the women do not realise the severity of the situation until it goes beyond control. A rise in blood pressure may hamper your routine activites, leaving you feel uneasy. Especially suring pregnancy, it is of utmost importance to have control over such things. We shall try providing you answers for questions that are running in the back of your mind.Dr. Seema Jain is a famous Gynecologist Specialist in Pune.

How will I know if my blood pressure levels are diverging from normal?
If blood pressure levels are between 121/80 and 139/ 89, you are in the frame of prehypertension. This needs to be taken care of.

You are under high blood pressure when your readings are above 140/90

  • High blood pressure
  • Shoulder or neck pain
  • Weight gain
  • Frequent headaches
  • Blurred Vision
  • Dizziness
  • Reduced


How can this affect my pregnancy for that matter?

  • High blood pressure can have adverse effects on pregnancy. It can slow down or take your baby’s growth on the wrong side. There is high risk of your placenta getting separated from the uterus before labor. Side effects from the medications you are having for lowering your blood pressure levels may show up either ways! In case of high blood pressure, your pregnancy shall be treated as a ‘high risk pregnancy’.
  • Chronic hypertension are the words that you may get to hear from your doctor. It simply refers to high blood pressure which is present much before pregnancy. It may also refer to high blood pressure that comes into picture before 20 weeks of pregnancy and can last for longer than 12 weeks after giving birth.
  • In case of typical gestational hypertension, it may show up only after the 20th week of pregnancy and vanishes away after birthing.

Can I have a normal pregnancy despite blood pressure issues?
Yes, you can survive pregnancy without any major hassles and have a normal baby.

Your pregnancy shall fall in the ‘high risk pregnancy’ category and you might need to have more hospital visits than other pregnant women do. You may have more ultrasounds to keep a check on your baby’s growth.

Erase the drama and set back to action!

Your willpower is one of the major things, that can set things right. Avoid discussing these issues with people around, as it will surely affect your mind thereby not allowing you tackle the issue.


Action plan for you

  • Get your medicines verified as they might increase your blood pressure.
  • Avoid oily foods. Oily foods make their place in the arteries. This narrows the arteries due to which the heart pumps harder to make the blood flow through the narrowed arteries.
  • Maintaining a healthy weight before pregnancy can take through a smooth pregnancy. Rely on cardio exercises strictly under guidance. While pregnancy, discuss the same with your doctor so that safety of your baby is ensured. Engage yourself in physical activities.
  • Try to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. Organic and fresh from farm fruits and vegetables can make lots of difference. Smoking and alcohol must not excite you anymore.
  • Master the art of relaxing yourself. You must be able to keep your stress levels really low or under control.
  • Limit your salt intake and increase potassium intake in your diet or supplementary diet.

The journey of pregnancy might seem to be longer, as you are too eager to see your soul outside you. Even when there are hurdles, learn to jump with a height of mental strength and a strong willpower. You are the controller of your mind and body. Let your heart be filled with love and not anxiety.
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