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Amniotic Fluid - A Peerless Liquid shield

Amniotic Fluid - A Peerless Liquid Shield

A woman turns into a mother the moment she comes to know about her pregnancy! There is an outburst of emotions and thoughts with regards to the baby. She does everything possible to keep her baby protected. But, there is a natural virgin element along with your baby that protects your baby throughout the entire span of your pregnancy! It’s your amniotic fluid. Dr, Seema Jain is the nearest Best Gynecologist in Pune

Let us introduce you to this prudent liquid that is born and grows along with your baby!
The amnion is the closest and the innermost membrane that encloses the embryo. It fills up with a fluid which helps amnion to expand as your baby grows. You might be wondering from where this liquid comes into existence. Well, during the first trimester of your pregnancy, the placenta along with your body fluids produces this fluid. Later as your baby grows inside you, its kidneys start functioning. This is during the second trimester, around 10-11 weeks, your baby’s urine starts contributing to the content of the fluid. Urine is a major constituent of the amniotic fluid.
Amniotic fluid is a vital part of your pregnancy as it protects your baby from infections, prevent it from being hurt and give it comfort while it is moving around inside you! It also stores the skin cells that its body has out housed. Skin cells are on immense importance in case your baby comes out to have any genetic disorders.

Amniotic fluid is generally colourless and clear. It may look slightly yellowish. The amount of the fluid that you have in the third trimester is 900-1000 ml. In case, the amniotic fluid is too high, it only lets you know about the baby’s gastrointestinal blockage or a kind of an issue that can be termed as chromosomal. Provided, you uncover the fact of you having a high level amniotic fluid, do not worry. This is a common scenario and keeps in mind that you are heading towards delivering a healthy baby.
Cases of low levels of amniotic fluid are extremely rare and only 2-3 percent of women. However, a low level of amniotic might be due to lesser baby movement, leakage in your amniotic sac. Make sure the fluid increases with time. As if the fluid level does not increase, you may be at a higher risk of delivering your baby prematurely. Some simple steps like taking ample rest, avoiding stress and increasing your water intake can surely help you solve the problem.
Stay positive and hopeful as, it’s only your heart that knows things which your mind cannot explain!! You shall cross the bridge only to adore a healthy newborn!

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