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Against all Odds - Vaginal Birth After c-section

Against all odds Vaginal Birth after c section

In the present time, having a single child makes parents feel more comfortable. Fathers feel, raising a single child with luxury is justice than to have two kids and not being able to afford luxury. Mothers have their own set of feelings. They never tend to forget their first pregnancy but still always wish to have a sibling for their first child. Gifting your child a sibling is gifting a very big emotional support for the rest of their life! On asking most of the mothers about this, they say, there is an ambiguity about the fact whether they will be able to deliver vaginally after the c-section. This blog is completely dedicated to all of the mothers who are in a fix. Hoping this helps!,
Vaginal birth after caesarean- Sounds arduous!
If you have had a C-section in the past, you can surely opt for a vaginal delivery. For such cases there is an arrangement called as ‘trial of labor after caesarean’ termed as TOLAC. 6 out of 10 women can have a vaginal birth even after a c-section! Dr. Seema Jain is a Trusted lady Gynecologist In Pimpri Chinchwad.

More about TOLAC
TOLAC (Trial of labor after caesarean) is an attempted birth in a patient who has been through a previous C-section. This may result in a successful vaginal birth. This technique is applicable only when the patient has a low transverse uterine caesarean.

How would I benefit from TOLAC?
A C-section may be tiring and may make you stay in the hospital in pain for more time.

There are some advantages of TOLAC.

Less risk of infections.
No surgery.
Less blood loss.
Faster recovery.

Are there things to be taken into consideration before heading for TOLAC?
Yes, there are some things you must take care of. Your complications and your future with regards to planning more kids are some important aspects which cannot be overlooked.
Your future deliveries might be under risk due to multiple C-Sections( In case of a c–section happening)
If you have had a uterine rupture in your previous pregnancies, kindly do not go for TOLAC.
If you are prone to any complications that may worsen vaginal delivery, TOLAC is just not meant for you.
Choose for a multispecialty hospital as an emergency of different sort may arise anytime.

Please don’t let me open up (Uterine rupture)

A uterine rupture refers to the tear on the uterus. This tear shall exist due to any prior uterine surgeries or a C- section.
There may be a partial or a complete rupture. In partial rupture some layers of the uterus may open up and in a complete rupture the uterus may tear off. Such ruptures are very rare and happen only in extreme cases.
Signal turns red (Indications of uterine rupture)
Uterine rupture may start right in the early labor.

There are some indications that your doctor shall alert you with.

Drop in baby’s heart rate.
Pain in the abdomen.
Superfast pulse.
Vaginal bleeding.
Your diaphragm may be irritated as the uterus starts bleeding inside, due to the tear.
Labor almost stops by itself.

Can I really come out safe if stuck in the above mentioned situations?
There are no problems without solutions. Of course you will be taken complete care of. In case there is a complete uterine rupture, you will be taken up for an emergency C-section.
Depending upon the damage that the uterus has taken up, your doctor will try to repair it. If the uterus is damaged beyond limits, you will go for a hysterectomy. (This happens in rare cases. Around 2%)

Can I help myself develop a strong uterus after my first C-section?
Uterus is a muscle. Proper rest after your C-section is a must. Eat well. Do not overstress yourself. After your doctor tells you to resume normal activities, do start.
Sufficient intake of protein and green leafy vegetables will strengthen your body and raise your B12 levels respectively.
Around 98% women successfully deliver babies vaginally after a C-section. Situation may not always go out of control. Believe in your decision and have enormous faith in your doctor.

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