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7 Don'ts During High Risk Pregnancy

7 don'ts in Pregnancy

The journey of a woman is all about the changes in her life… After having been a darling daughter and the love of her man, all that she wants is to be is a mother. Get consulted now at the Nearby Gynecologist Clinic of Dr. Seema Jain Your Trusted Fertility and Gynecology Expert in Pune
When your pregnancy is termed as a high risk pregnancy, you really are confused and do not know what to do. There are elderly women who try and advise you over what to do and you get anxious not knowing what is actually right!
Go through the 7 things listed below, which you are not supposed to do and if followed, you shall sail through a smooth pregnancy.

When is a pregnancy termed as a high risk pregnancy?
High risk pregnancy is when there can be a cause of danger while carrying pregnancy or when your present health conditions do not allow a safe birthing. Most commonly observed reasons for driving a pregnancy under risk are.  

  • When you have gestational diabetes.
  • When you are traced with high blood pressure levels.
  • Multiple pregnancy
  • Abnormally high BMI levels.
  • Your age.

I am always surrounded with aunties wanting me to do many things.. No one ever helps me with what not to do!!!

Do’s are always showered upon and Don’ts don’t appear so easily.. There are some things which must not be done, esp. When your pregnancy is rated as a high risk pregnancy.

  • Time to say good bye to the cool you!
    Smoking and alcohol must have been great image builders for you… but they might surely help your body not to build your baby. Smoking and alcohol have to be abruptly stopped. Though quitting addiction takes time but when you are not under a normal and smooth pregnancy, this is surely the least you can do for your child.
  • Say no to undercooked meats and eggs.
    Undercooked meats might have given you the perfect flavour and the texture might be overwhelming but it’s high time to grow your patience and let the meat cook completely. Undercooked meat might cause food borne illnesses. Infections are also in the line of possibilities.

Due to the pre-existing health conditions, immunity levels might decrease allowing you to catch infections.

  • Raw milk should be a past!
    If you enjoy having raw milk due to its nutritious values; better be very careful. Unpasteurized milk consists lots of bacteria. This bacteria is strong enough to cause miscarriages.
  • Give up the luxury of hot water tubs.
    A mom with a baby in her tummy is not supposed to soak herself in the tub for a long time. Your baby might get uneasy and shall try to move out before its time!
  • Be happy… You need not abide by your wifely duties!!
    Rest is extremely important during the kind of pregnancy where in there are health factors which are not supposed to be there! You pelvis needs to be strengthened for a safe delivery. Avoid sex completely to reduce the stress on your pelvis.
  • Do not be your own doctor! What is restricted is restricted!
    At any point of time, do not try to cheat over what you have been told. Caffeine must be strictly avoided. After having gone through your BMI levels, you shall be provided the most suitable diet plan. Stick to it as it shall help you to put on weight smartly. Maintaining ideal weight shall surely support a healthy pregnancy and help you a safe birthing.
  • Let not stress take a toll over you!
    Whatever reason it may be that is making your pregnancy complicated, stress levels might surely hamper the situation in either ways. Getting stressed and anxious will add into the difficulties. Meditate and master over the relaxation techniques. This will surely change the situation.

One of the most important things to bear in mind is that high risk pregnancy does not mean that there are major risks involved. This kind of pregnancy is just another category where in, there will be more no of blood tests and more no of screenings. Trust your doctor and follow the instructions with devotion.

You shall be provided extra pampering and extra care which shall make you feel really very special… Do not let unnecessary fear spoil the divine feeling of carrying a life inside you!
Wishing you luck!

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