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10 Reasons that Hinder Reproductive System in Males

Burn the “E” and let it GO

10 reasons that Hinder reproductive system

They say, never try to know a man’s salary and a woman’s age. The only reason being, a man never earns for himself and a woman never lives for herself.Having a family and living for it is the most precious feeling for anyone. Be it men or women. Most of the times, it becomes difficult to trace the reproductive problems in men, as it is assumed that the problem might be with the women. There are mild ego issues related to the acceptance of  impotency or infertility with men.
We highly recommend men to build up their mental frame for the acceptance of the issue, if any, and try solving it for the betterment of their future. Kill the ego and proceed towards the happiness and contentment that is awaiting you ! It is important to understand, that, men are as human as women and there might be some factors, known or unknown, which are creating obstacles for reproduction. Looking for Top Rated Gynecologist near You? Dr. Seema Jain is a gynecologist & fertility specialist at CheQKmate, renowned Fertility & IVF Center in Pune PCMC providing support and care.

We would like to help you out , with some possible reasons, as well as with the precautions need to be taken, to overcome the same.

  1. Plastics: Usage of plastics have been noted out to be a reason for the cause of male infertility. The chemicals in plastic react with the item stored due to which there is an alarming deficiency in the sperm count.
    DO : If unavoidable, use food grade tested plastics.
    DONT :  Try avoiding plastics for food items or drinking water.
  2. Vitamin C and Zinc deficiency : Vitamins and minerals play a vital role in a healthy conception. However, Vitamin C and Zinc deficiency can have adverse effects.
    DO : Keep a check on vitamin C and zinc levels. Meet a nutrition expert.
    DONT : Do not blindly follow any kind of diet regime unless and until it has been advised by your nutritionist. Following a diet, which is not approved by a nutrition expert can leave you with deficiencies.
  3. Laptops: Most common and known reason for infertility is the laptop. Laptops release radiation which are unfriendly with the sperm count.
    DO : Always use laptop by placing it on the table or any surface which does not in contact with the lower body.
    DONT : Do not keep the laptop on the laps for long time. Phones are better kept in the shirt pockets. Electronic gadgets are most of the times known to be as the things which affect the fertility.
  4. Go Organic: Usage of pesticides are also a prominent reason for male infertility.
    DO : Try buying organic fresh stuff rather than the packaged ones.
    DONT : Avoid inorganic stuff. Do avoid long time exposure in the  atmosphere where there are paints, as the chemicals may hamper your  reproductive health.
  5. Workout and protein : Working out in a gym and consuming soy protein is the most commonly observed scenario. Men , most of the times do some minor mistakes.
    DO:.  Have a balanced workout. Consume safe proteins which are mild enough and work only on muscle strengthining.
    DONT : Do not take up very heavy workout schedules. Excessive workout schedules can harm the testicles taking them to trauma which may further hamper their normal working. Do not take steriods for building up your body frame. Soy may attract lots of attention but its not advisable.
  6. Stay cool : Men are advisable to enjoy their bath with warm water or cold water. Water with high temperature may you land in a problem.
    DO : Use warm water or cold water for bath. Even in the bath tubs, avoid hot water.
    DONT : Do not keep the crotch area heated up. Use loose comfortable clothing. Avoid heat.
  7. Radiation : Radiation is harmful and risky for men.
    DO : Always ask for the coverage of your testicles while going through a X-Ray or other procedures that involve radiation.
    DONT : Do not expose your testicles even if clothing is not recommended.
  8. Biological clock : Yes the biological clock ticks for men as well.
    DO : If you are planning for kids, better to be done before the age of 35.
    DONT : If in any case, baby planning is delayed try staying fit and following the necessary rules.
  9. Medications used for improving sexual performances: Due to increased stress and sedentary lifestyle, most of them struggle with their sexual lives.
    DO : Meditate, eat right and stay active all day.  Try to improve things by incorporating natural methods.
    DONT : Don’t go for medications of any sort of articial methods to increase the satisfaction levels. Solving the problem naturally might take slighty longer time but at the end it leaves you harmless !  
  10. Uric acid levels : Surprisingly uric acid level is related to the fertility issue.
    DO : Maintain proper uric acid levels.  If you are troubled with the uric acid level, consumption of ionized alkaline water  has  proven to be helpful.
    DONT : Do not do things that can elevate your uric acid levels. Stay hydrated and help your kidneys eliminate the uric acid. Choose simple foods over rich foods.

Hope the article helps !

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