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Big Baby In Pregnancy

Big Baby In Pregnancy

 Mota Chetan (Big baby in pregnancy)
Indian mums and aunties have always been particular about feeding pregnant women in the most special manner. The one liner,” Maa banne wali ho, thik se khaogi nahi toh baccha kamzor paida hoga!” is one of the most common dialogues you tend to hear.
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Well, is it necessary that your unborn baby must be of a predefined dimension? There have been many such cases where in the baby is too large for the womb and the pregnancy story takes a new twist!
Through ‘Mota chetan’ we would like to disclose some facts and information that might help the future mothers and mommies-to-be. For half knowledge is the most dangerous thing, let’s try to understand about the bigger sized babies inside the womb and how can you help yourself.

What is my baby’s size inside my womb got to do with my diet? I need nourishment!
Yes, you need nourishment. Nourishment comes from the foods in their most natural forms. Lentils and pulses, fresh fruits and boiled vegetables, nuts rich in omega 3 and so on.. Instead, women tend to rely on greasy foods containing an unpleasant amount of clarified butter, as Indians relate clarified butter to development of lumbar strength. This is a myth and must be broken. Clarified butter must be consumed in small quantities and it has nothing to do with strengthening your lumbar area.
Maintaining your weight before pregnancy must be your top priority. You may tend to have a big baby in your womb if your BMI parameters are not in control. You might end up transferring your obesity to the little one.

What is this big baby factor?
Medically, it is termed as “macrosomia” when the baby weighs more than 3.5kg after birth. Most of the times, baby’s head may be bigger than usual. Reasons for having a big baby are,

  • Gestational diabetes.
  • Mother being overweight.
  • Disturbed/high BMI parameters.
  • Mother having gone obese from overweight after her previous delivery.
  • Baby boys are generally heavier than baby girls.
  • In case you are high on your amniotic fluid, there are chances of your baby being macrosomic.

Can I deliver vaginally with a heavy baby?
Most of the times, when babies seem to be bigger in size than expected, mothers opt for a C-section. Babies can be delivered vaginally but some calculative risks are definitely involved!
However, there are no major risks for a mother in a vaginal delivery except for some additional injuries. For e.g. there might be a longer tear in the perinium and more muscle tear as the baby is big and needs more space to move. Also, you might end up hurting your tail bone. Dr. Seema Jain is the best IVF Specialist in wakad Pune.

Will my baby be at risk because of its heaviness?
There are some risks involved if your baby is on the heavier side.

  • Baby might find it difficult travelling through the birth canal.
  • Your baby might hurt his own shoulders too. Broken collarbones or bones of the upper arms are likely to be noticed in case of a vaginal delivery.
  • There are chances of your baby developing diabetes, regardless of you being diabetic. This is not related to what birth method you choose.

After birthing, things are going to be as good as normal. All it takes is a strong mind to accept some major lifestyle changes to prevent a big baby during pregnancy. Pregnancy diet is all about eating for two at once, but, what you choose to eat can make a great difference! 

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