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Beyond the Finishing line.. Coping up after Delivery

Coping Up after Delivery

Nine months of pain, but a lifetime of gain.. Nine months of sickness but a lifetime of happiness.. Ninth month of pregnancy, the beginning of your LEGACY…Many of us often searching for Top 10 Gynecologist Near me, In that case Dr. Seema Jain: Your Trusted Fertility and Gynecology Expert in Pune.

The entire journey of becoming a mother is no doubt a physical challenge. But, to be pregnant is a beautiful reason for a woman’s existence. A baby is the greatest gift a mother can ever receive.
A mother is also born with a new born! And this indeed is the moment where in there is an overflow of emotions.. You see your own heart walking outside your body !
Being a mother is all about introducing yourself to your new strengths.. You never know you had some of those extra qualities.. Being a mother is about loving the new fears which never existed for you..

There comes a whole new range of difficulties those include both physical and emotional issues.. You ought to become friends with the diapers, develop patience to calm down your baby which is filled with tantrums and try to stay mentally relaxed amongst all the chaos.

We shall surely try to help you out to cope with the baby blues !If you are  searching for Top 10 Gynecologist Near me, In that case Dr. Seema Jain: Your Trusted Fertility and Gynecology Expert in Pune.

Take it easy
There will be one moment of pride and the immediate next moment there shall be nail biting frustration. This is completely normal !!

Taking one day at a time is the key. Take things as they come. Do not crave for perfection.

Try to accept and make peace with the way people around you are trying to help you out. Quit believing   “If I dont do it, it wont get done in the correct manner.” Seek help. Plan baby care if there are other kids to be taken care of as well.

Rest is one of the most important aspects which can boost your emotional health. Sleep when the baby sleeps.


Stay Hydrated
After delivery there is a major requirement of water in the body. Gushing in fluids is a must. Fluids help building up the muscles those have been in trauma. All the wounds and tears shall tend to improve. It’s recommended to limit your caffeine intake. It absorbs water leaving you dry inside.

Dealing with Muscle Soreness
It’s highly important to follow and practice the instructions given by your physiotherapist. Exercising correctly and dedicatedly will definitely get back your body to normal faster.

Moving around within limits can add in to your physical improvement.

You are what you eat
Get along with a nutritionist and have a proper list of nutrition. Right nutrition works wonders.

Have food rich with vitamins and potassium. Potassium is a natural muscle relaxant that will minimize your pain, help your muscles relax and thereafter help you stay relaxed..

Food is something emotional and plays a vital role in the recovery post delivery.

The rare “us” time
It is quite obvious for the couple having less or no time for each other after the new born. Taking care of the new born and the process of recovery takes up all the time.

The solution to this is communication. Keep talking. Discuss your activities, the difficulties throughout the day. Let the father too be an active participant. Be it diapering, swaddling or carrying the baby for a while. Searching for Top 10 Gynecologist Near me ?  In that case Dr. Seema Jain

A therapist once walked in with a glass half filled. The audience thought she would trick them with the same question about their perception of whether the glass is half filled or half empty..

But she asked them a simple question that how long could she hole the glass ? One minute , 15 mins , one hour ??

She explained in a very simple manner that the longer she hold the glass, the more her arm would hurt.

Actions sometimes must be done without thinking much.. Birth of a new born brings lots of joy and contentment in a couples life. Difficulties shall be there but for a short span of time.. It is best when there are efforts put in but keeping the mind relaxed and calm.

Wishing you a very happy parenting !

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