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Do's and Don'ts while IVF

Factors Affecting IVF

We are all complicated souls! Unlike other living beings who strive to live a straight and simple life, we are too busy seeking peace and comfort amongst other people and things. And, while we know how to achieve peace and contentment from others, we have become equally good at declaring the same sources accountable for all the mishaps! Dr. Seema Jain is the Best Lady Gynecologist in Pune.
Conception and the pregnancy are two things, which our women do not want to declare. They are strong believers in the evil eye! Things and people around you might give you positive or negative vibrations… but at the end of the day, it is all about the efforts you take to succeed!

While life has created circumstances such that you need to accept IVF as the only way to bring your baby into the world, make sure, you too give in your 100% each day.

  1. What should I understand by one IVF cycle?
    An IVF cycle is meant to start while you are given medication for ovarian simulation and ends on the day while the embryo is transferred into your uterus. Here are the step by step procedures done in an IVF cycle.
  • Gonadotropin or some other types of synthetic drugs are the kind of drugs that shall help you for ovulation and restoration of the matured eggs respectively.
  • Your follicles are supported with injections containing necessary medication. This allows your ovaries to release multiple matured eggs. After 2 days, your doctor proceeds with the egg retrieval.
  • Egg retrieval is done through a surgical procedure, where in a thin needle is inserted through the vaginal wall to reach the ovaries. This procedure is generally painless due to the anaesthesia. You shall be helped with medication to keep you away from pain.
  • The eggs along with the sperms injected, are placed inside the incubator for fertilization, which happens overnight.
  • The later procedures include healthiest embryo selection and placing it in the womb after hatching.

IS there anything I need to do while the IVF cycle? I guess the doctor has done everything that is necessary.

Make your mind and heart understand the fact that the IVF procedure is an unnatural method of conception, where in, you, along with the doctor are supposed to put some extra efforts to make it a success! Dr. Seema Jain is the Best Lady Gynecologist in Pune.

The Dos

  • Before planning for an IVF, fertility massages can work wonders. It helps blood circulation to your uterus, reduces stress, balances hormones and promotes egg health.
  • Before IVF, you are supposed to go for a fertility cleansing as well. This builds up the liver strength to cleanse the organs especially your reproductive system. While there is no space for toxins, the conditions inside turn out to be more positive.
  • Throughout your cycle, you must go for the best suitable diet. Consult a nutritionist. He/ She shall understand your body completely and support it with the perfect nutrition. Dietary supplements can be of great help when it comes to fulfilling the needs of your body.
  • Addition of fertility super foods like broccoli, cabbage, avocados, egg yolks, red pumpkin seeds, olives and good quality yogurt help you beat infertility. And while you have gone for an IVF, there is no doubt these super foods shall provide complete support.
  • Staying hydrated is vital.
  • Flax seeds, 2 portions of green leafy vegetables and sprouts are good enough to replace your staples! Try to have these each day, so that your reproductive organs are granted with enough space inside for themselves!
  • Keep your mind calm and composed. Meditation can rule the game. A positive and stable mind can give you the best results.
  • Do talk to your fertility specialist about the acupuncture sessions. Acupuncture done before and after embryo transfer has given unbelievable results.



The Don’ts

  • Do not let your heart win, when it is about giving up on your addictions. Smoking and alcohol can never ever allow you to conceive. They do not support any kind of fertility treatment as well.
  • Caffeine and sugar in any forms hamper your fertility health. Cut off on both completely.
  • Do not over exert. Exercises are something which you need to take an approval from your doctor.
  • Do not keep thinking about the IVF done all the time. Yes, it’s done and it shall take its own sweet time to make you happy. Bothering yourself continuously shall hamper the working of the procedure. Your mind is extremely powerful and absorbs anxiety too well.
  • Pamper yourself outside the bath tub. Hot water tubs are not suitable for the after treatment. Lukewarm or warm water bath are the best while and after embryo plantation.

Stay practical and do not let your emotions take a toll over your trial of conception. If nothing goes right, just go left. IVF is a broad treatment. In case you are sceptical about, whether IVF would work or no, keep a backup plan ready. But, do not quit or lose hopes. The journey of transforming yourselves into parents is going to have many unknown episodes… But then, have faith… Everything you are going through is simply worth it.
Your baby’s first breath shall definitely take away yours! Think about that moment of happiness and stay firm. Once started, look forward… there is no looking back! With sincere efforts, discipline and making necessary lifestyle changes, IVF has sure shot results!

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