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Through My Eyes: How I Survived Infertility with Mental Stability

Through My Eyes: How I Survived Infertility with Mental Stability

Through My Eyes: How I Survived Infertility with Mental Stability


Sushma and Rajiv were a happily married couple. The impossibility of starting a family was the gloomy thing they both contemplated with their cherished dreams, but their way was rubbed by the hardships of infertility.

Sushma and Raaj lost their mental peace cuddling to a corner in an unknown world, with no idea from whom to seek help. After a bit of a farewell hope, standing at the door of the fertility clinic nearby, they decided to get some advice. Dr. Seema Jain’s caring instruction and expertise helped give the husband and wife some light in the blackest shade of their lives.

On their way through the high and low points of infertility, Sushma and Rajiv were empowered along the road with each other clinging to each other. They depended on one another, just saying yes, and sharing the most sacred things moving their hearts

Not only did they master the art of self-care, but they also witnessed the effect it had on their well-being. Whether it was meandering long and meandering walks in nature or just quiet moments having only their significant other to rely on, they found peace in the ordinary pleasures of life.

Despite the twists and turns in their course, Sushma and Rajiv also kept on hope with strong-heartedness. The reassurance, professional assistance, and unconditional support of her fertility specialist and her loved ones enabled her to struggle through the difficult sea of infertility with courage and resolve.

In the same way dear reader, I wish this story about Sushma and Rajiv to be an occasion that forces us to think that in any condition where things look gloomy, we can hope for better. To embark on this infertility journey with love in their hearts and power in their souls, they hoped and made it with dignity. To all are amazed by their inner strength and how they have prospered along the way. If you too need support, just look for a “fertility specialist near me” and plan a visit.

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