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The understanding that you have a life within you has sent you to the seventh heaven! You are excited to see your kid within you. You want to experience its presence in every way conceivable. You want to hear your baby’s heartbeat, and you’re ready for your first scan!


First scans can be scheduled between the fifth and eighth weeks of pregnancy, depending on the woman’s history. Remember not to be upset if the baby’s heartbeat is not seen or audible on the scan in your fifth week. The scan performed in the fifth week will reveal just the pregnant sac; the foetus (baby) is too tiny to be seen at this point. In such circumstances, you will be advised to repeat the ultrasound after a fortnight to observe or hear heartbeats.

An ultrasound check at roughly 6 – 8 weeks will detect your baby’s heartbeat. And for the first time, you’ll realise there is life inside you, which may be a life-changing experience. At this period, the heartbeat is predicted to be between 60 and 90 beats per minute. The heart rate will gradually grow until about 10 weeks, when it will settle at 150 – 160 beats per minute.

After the third month, your baby’s heartbeat will be detected using a Doppler on your stomach, which is an amplifier. If you do not hear the heartbeats, do not think anything is wrong; it only means that your baby is afraid to show up and is facing in a direction where the Doppler cannot reach and trace.


By the mid-second trimester, you may have the pleasure of hearing your baby’s heartbeats with a stethoscope! For many women, this is the point at which they realise they have a life inside of them and begin to bond with the bump. A foetal echocardiography is normally performed during 22 – 24 weeks gestation, when the baby’s heart is fully grown and works similarly to yours.

Expect to hear your baby’s heartbeats at each prenatal visit beginning in the second trimester to confirm foetal well-being. Stay calm and hopeful, follow the most appropriate lifestyle, and everything will go well.
I wish you a healthy and happy birth!



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