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Misconceptions are entertaining as long as you don’t mistake them with facts. Many of us think something to be real our entire lives, only to discover later that it is nothing more than an illusion. Conception is one of those concepts that most of us take for granted, until the day comes when we decide we want children but have difficulty conceiving.

Learn what is genuine, and you will undoubtedly have a better grasp of your own fertility and how it works.

Here are the top five misconceptions about conception that should perk up your ears.

1. Focus on 14!!!


The 28-day menstrual cycle and the belief that ovulation occurs on Day 14 are not universal. The magic of Day 14 is said to always work since it is the ideal day to conceive. It is critical to recognise that no two cycles are identical: yours may be 30 days and your sister’s could be 25 days, and both of you will almost certainly not ovulation on day 14. Only women with 28-day cycles ovulate on Day 14, whereas 65% of women ovulate between Days 13 and 15.

2. No Expiry date for Men!!!


With the whole internet harping on women’s biological clocks, it’s easy to forget that men’s fertility also drops with age. It is widely considered that men may wait their entire lives to become fathers; however, this is not true. According to a 2014 research, children born to men over the age of 45 are more likely to have autism, bipolar illness, or ADHD. In addition, if the sperm comes from a guy above the age of 45, the woman is more likely to miscarry.

3. Fixed Expiry Date for Women!!!


The media shouts, “Use them or lose them.” Every lady receives a wake-up call from time to time. Fertility declines with age in women, although it does not occur overnight. Your eggs do not vanish on your 30th birthday. Since the age of 27, your fertility has been steadily declining. However, after 35 years, there is a sharp drop.

4. Wait for a Year!!!


The definition of infertility can be overly rigid, with couples under the age of 35 forced to wait a year before seeing a doctor about reproductive concerns. The amount of time to wait before contacting a fertility expert should be determined based on other considerations such as irregular periods, painful periods, a history of miscarriages, smokers, and so on. In the presence of these circumstances, it is recommended to have a fertility fitness test.

5. Healthy people are fertile!!!


True, being youthful and healthy will lead to fewer difficulties. However, this may not always be the case in terms of fertility. Fitness may be a significant factor for pregnant women, but not always for those who have not yet become pregnant. Looking healthy and lovely does not always imply optimal fertility; remember, you may botox your face but not your eggs. This is equally true for guys. Healthy men may be surprised to learn that they have fewer or no sperm in their sperm while being in peak physical condition.

A lack of awareness of the fundamental realities underlying fertility may infiltrate even the most rational person’s thinking, leading to dread and irrational decision making. It is essential to seek the assistance of your doctor in distinguishing between fiction and actuality.

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