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Fertility falsehoods may appear to be a scare tactic, yet they are undeniably factual. With some celebrities displaying a baby belly in their forties, gossip magazines peddling the fiction that the forties were the new 30s, and major corporations giving rewards to their staff for freezing their future, fertility has shifted from a natural decision to an experimental one. Advances in reproductive technology, along with feminist beliefs, give couples/individuals the impression that parenting may be planned entirely on their own timeline! But biology cannot bend to your will, and science cannot perform miracles. It’s time to be more practical about fertility and stop fantasising about it.

Lie – 1

I am in excellent health and can become pregnant at any time.

Have we heard about the famous Salman Rushdie’s ex-wife and model Padma Lakshmi’s battle with endometriosis? A lovely woman suffering from a fertility-related disease that has nearly rendered her paralysed!

Having a terrific body, or even six pack abs, does not automatically mean you’re fertile. There are several examples when the most beautiful ladies have tubal blockages and macho guys have no sperm in their sperm. Being in excellent physical health is certainly beneficial, but a decent

Physical health may not imply excellent reproductive health. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, not smoking/drinking, and not using drugs significantly increases your chances of conception, but it does not ensure fertility. It is difficult to determine whether you can father/mother a child without undergoing a professional fertility test.

I already have a baby, but a sibling can come at any time.

Most people feel that if you have one child, you can easily have another – a widespread misconception. Secondary infertility is the inability to have a subsequent child. The issue with secondary infertility is that you not only want to have a child, but your previous child also wants a sibling, which may be quite painful.

Lie – 2


I need not worry about having a baby; I have my eggs frozen.


With Silicon Valley corporations providing additional benefits to women through egg freezing, the practice became more of a’social’ option than a medical one. Egg freezing was established primarily for young people who needed to undergo cancer treatment, which would jeopardise their fertility. Egg freezing has now become a popular method for preventing reproductive ageing in healthy women. The dispute over social freezing vs medical freezing may last a long time. It is crucial for a woman to know that egg freezing still exists.

Lacks medical proof and may pose health and mental hazards. Currently, there is insufficient evidence to support egg freezing; just 2-12% of thawed eggs have resulted in a live delivery. Consider Social Egg freezing as a hope, not a promise; a gamble rather than a guarantee.


Lie – 4


My career is in full flow. Right now is not the time to have a baby.


Fortunately or sadly, women will have to confront their biological clock at some point. When your career is in full gear, you are at the top of your reproductive potential. Delaying your baby plan may appear to be the most logical choice at the moment, but it is not always the best one. Working women professionals frequently think that they already know how they want their future to unfold; but, remaining childless might also appear acceptable. However, keep in mind that things, people, sentiments, and priorities all change. By the time you reset your priorities, it By the time you recalibrate your priorities, time may have passed in terms of fertility, leaving you with extremely limited alternatives, if any at all.

Lie – 5


Even if I have difficulty becoming pregnant, IVF can certainly help.


In recent years, IVF has become more widely accessible. But the biggest fallacy about IVF is that it always works. Everyone who utilises it succeeds and has a baby. Though it would be ideal if all people and couples attempting to conceive were successful, there is no fertility therapy, including IVF, that succeeds for everyone. Many women these days begin preparing for a baby in their mid-30s or late 30s, believing that even if they are unable to conceive naturally, IVF would help them get through. Women must recognise that if they don’t 

IVF cannot change the fact that there are still excellent quality eggs available. Other fertility-related disorders such as PID, endometriosis, and so on are also becoming more common as people age. Not only women, but even men with low sperm count continue to put off decisive treatment, believing that if nothing else works, IVF/ICSI would come to their rescue, which is far from the fact.


We all have notions about how our lives, careers, and families should unfold. However, when it comes to starting a family, things may not go quite as planned. Many of us rely on the internet to assist us make reproductive decisions. Surfing may be a fantastic source of knowledge and connection, but it can also be harmful, packed with addiction and misinformation. It is critical to eliminate misconceptions about starting a family in order to make better fertility decisions.

Parenthood is the only thing that will motivate you to attempt the impossible! I hope you deliver the finest piece of art into the world!

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